Information Window
Italicized (outside) Links

Clicking on italicized links will open a new browser window like this one.  In it you will see the outside site to which the link takes you.  When you are finished browsing that link, simply close the outside link window.  You'll find yourself back in the window.  (Assuming that in browsing the outside site you haven't inadvertently opened any additional windows.)

When you are finished with this window, be careful to close it without exiting your browser.


I do my best to insure that outside links are up-to-date. However, the web is a dynamic entity. Sites are in constant flux. Therefore, it is possible that one or more outside sites will not be accessible when you choose to visit. If so, try again later. If a site is repeatedly inaccessible, or you see a notice that it has moved, please e-mail me so that I can update the link. Thanks.