Instructions for completing Form 1040EZ

This activity tests your ability to read, understand and follow written instructions. The instructions you are to follow are on this sheet, the accompanying Form 1040EZ, and its instruction booklet.

Form 1040EZ is a Federal income tax form designed for Americans with at least a middle school education. Therefore each of you should be able to complete this assignment without too much difficulty, if you are able to focus carefully on it.

Complete all applicable information on the Form 1040EZ starting with the address label box (use your current home address), and ending with the signature block at the bottom of the form. Be sure to sign and date your return in the spaces provided in this block. Your occupation is Student. Please be sure to write or print neatly and legibly. You must use the dummy Social Security number that appears on the W2 form. DO NOT use your own social security number.

Follow all instructions on the sheet (including those on its back). Where requested, use the information contained on the W2 form. Additionally, you need to know that, for purposes of this activity, your taxable interest income is 1% of your wages, tips and other compensation shown in box 1. Calculate that number, then write it when you get to the line that asks you to enter taxable interest income.

Since we are assuming that you are a student who can be claimed as a dependent by your parents, be sure to check the box for You on line 5. Remember that we are also assuming that you are single.

You may leave lines 3 and 8b blank.