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Browser Plug-ins

To get the most from this site, and from the Internet in general, I recommend that you download and install the free plug-ins listed on this page.  You only need to do so one time for each.  So if you already have them, you can ignore this page until you need to upgrade. 

Whenever an item in this site requires one of the plug-ins, the icon for it that you see here will appear near it.  If you click on one of these items without installing the plug-in first, you should get a message telling you that you need to download and install it.  At that point you can click on the icon to do so.

To download a plug-in, click on its icon.  The download site for it will appear in this window.  Follow the instructions you find there to download it.  Once the download is complete, exit from your browser and install the plug-in.  (You'll probably need to note the location on your hard drive where you saved the download so that you can find and install it.)  After you've finished the installation, restart your browser, return to this web site, and open the item that requires it.

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