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Resources Galore!

Each link in the table below takes you to a resource list.  The items on each are chock-full of toys for the creative teacher: inspirational ideas; reference material for student assignments; and background reading, listening and viewing.

Health note: If you are trying to avoid or treat chronic pain (such as that from Carpel Tunnel Syndrome or another Repetitive Strain Injury), or know someone who is, take time to visit  There you will find invaluable information and resource links.  The site's prime mover, Sally Longyear, has made it her life's mission to aid people wanting to live pain-free.  Check-in to see what she has to offer.

Print Audio-Visual Software Internet
Books Radio Reference Browser Plug-ins
Magazines Television History Reference works available online
  Videocassette Language Sites organized by discipline
  Compact Disk & Audiocassette Science Sites to look at
  Vinyl LP   Daily
      If you like lists

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