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Funding Change

Imagine that it is 1700.  You are part of a group of wealthy individuals who want to use your money to benefit humanity.  You have decided to solicit ideas for inventions, and plan to finance the research and development of those with the most promise and value.  You receive proposals to work on those things listed below.

 As individuals, rank them in the order you’d choose to fund them.  (#1 being the thing you think holds the most promise, #2 the next, etc.)  As a group, decide on the final ranking.  All members of the group must concur on the final ranking. Be able to explain your reasoning for choosing as you did.

  Your rank Group rank
1. a fine pointed syringe    
2. a process for making steel    
3. a method for preserving food by canning    
4. a steam engine    
5. a fountain pen    
6. a machine to cut wheat cheaply and quickly    
7. a nail making machine    
8. a cotton gin    
9. a power loom    
10. a device to produce electricity    
11. a vaccine to prevent smallpox    
12. a process for producing muskets with interchangeable parts    
13. a drug called morphine    
14. a miner's safety lamp    
15. a stethoscope    
16. a machine to reproduce sound    
17. a waterproof fabric    
18. a process to create photographs    
19. a method to make easy to ignite matches    

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