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Lesson Ideas

Lesson Ideas on External Web Sites

Check out the following web sites.  You'll find your time well spent.

Access Excellence is a web site created and developed by the biotech company Genentech as a tool for High School Biology teachers.  If you teach Biology, don't miss this site.

Here the Discovery Channel presents its past, present and upcoming programming available live for recording or for sale on videocassette.  Each program has suggestions for classroom use (vocabulary, questions, links, activities, and standards).  The suggested activities will often be useful even without the programming.   Elementary teachers have a special K-6 archive.  The main K-12 archive is divided by discipline (various humanities and sciences, as well as professional development).  Click on any discipline to find a list of 6-12 and K-8 programs.  

If you teach, you need to see this site.  Here you will find articles on topics of note, reviews of educational materials and web sites, and many lesson ideas.   Try typing the subject you teach into its search line, press your <Enter> key and see what it comes up with for you.   In addition to teachers, information for students and administrators is also posted.

The Library of Congress is busily digitizing its enormous collection.  As a service to teachers, they are developing lesson plans to show us how to put their efforts to work. 

This site is a work of love and art.  Visit it and you'll discover ways to share with your students the wonder and beauty that is mathematics.

Like the Library of Congress, the National Archives is digitizing much of its collection.  They too provide lesson plans to suggest ways we can put their original source material to work.  Their plans list applicable national standards.

"At the core of the NDN ( is a database of photographs, political cartoons, and texts (speeches, letters, and other historic documents from the New Deal period). Currently there are over 20,000 items in this database, many of them previously accessible only to scholars. Unlike many databases on the Web, which represent the holdings of a particular institution, NDN is drawing from a wide variety of sources around the country to create a theme-based archive."

Each day the New York Times posts a lesson plan based on an online article.  This site is an archive of those plans, organized by discipline.  In addition to step by step instructions, each plan is keyed to applicable national standards.

This site contains fascinating information for you to present in engaging ways.

Want to know how to use PBS programming in your classroom?  This site will link you to what's available, and show you how to use it.

Let the Population Reference Bureau demonstrate how to make population issues real to your students.

The Social Studies School Service sells first rate teaching and learning materials for use in social studies and humanities classrooms.  Their online catalog is much more than a list of what they carry.  It is full of sample activities and links to relevant online resources.  Enjoy!

NASA provides these lesson plans as a way to help bring the results of the research from the U.S. space program into classrooms.

When you're looking for unbiased and useful information on politicians (voting records, campaign finances, biographies, evaluations by special interest groups, etc.), turn to Project Vote Smart. When you want ideas for using this information in your classroom, turn to their Vote Smart classroom.

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