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Propaganda in the Classroom

Propaganda Analysis Sheet

Complete the following for the propagandistic message you found in your assigned item.

  1. What item are you analyzing? _________________________________________________________________________
  2. The message you chose to work with is transmitted via (check off all applicable categories)
_____ written language _____ spoken language _____ music _____ other sound
_____ image (photo, drawing, etc.) _____ color _____ other visual _____ other _______________________
  1. The medium used to transmit the message is (check off the type that applies)
_____ book _____ magazine _____ newspaper _____ mail or e-mail _____ billboard or poster
_____ TV _____ radio _____ film _____ CD, audiotape, etc. _____ other _________________
  1. Who authored the message?
  2. At whom is it targeted?
  3. Is it commercial or non-commercial?
  4. In one clear, brief sentence, summarize the message with which you've decided to work.
  5. Are there other propagandistic messages in this item?
  6. Is the author attempting to elicit a behavior or a belief?
  7. Clearly state the behavior or belief the author wants from the target.
  8. Does the message attempt to manipulate with emotion, reason or both?
  9. Describe how you think the manipulation works?
  10. Do you believe this item was successful propaganda?
  11. What evidence supports your answer to the last question?

Follow these links to see how I completed this sheet for pieces of propaganda presented on other pages of the classroomtools site.

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