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Resources Galore!
Internet Sites

Worth a Daily Look

If you want topical information for use in lessons or assignments, you are bound to find it at one or more of the sites below.

This is an ever-growing collection of links to articles, book reviews and opinion pieces from a wide variety of online journals, magazines and newspapers.  New links are added each day of the week except Sunday.

Each day, NASA posts a glorious photo illustrating the magnificence of the universe, and our efforts to explore it.

From Daryl Cagle's site, you'll be able to see what editorial cartoonists around the nation and the world have to say about current events.

Here you'll find free online access to the complete Encyclodia Britannica; the Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary and Thesaurus; and much, much more.

Each day (until December 18, 2001 when it closed) one of the Random House word mavens answered a question, submitted by e-mail, about the history and/or meaning of an English word or phrase.  The responses were literate and fascinating.  While it will certainly be missed, the archive lives on.

The Oxford English Dictionary is without peer.  It is also expensive.  However, if you want your students to experience the magnificence that is the OED, give them this URL (  Each day they'll find a different OED entry posted for public examination.  Who knows, maybe after some discussion you'll convince some of them to examine the printed version in the library's reference room.

This site disappeared in 2000.  On the chance that it will someday reappear, I'm leaving a spot for it here.

If it reappears, you'll find fascinating and thoughtful stories.  Use them to find material that will engage your students with the "BIG" questions of human history.

Every day, posts links that allow you (or your students) to explore a new topic of public concern in some depth.  Click here for an archive of past daily briefings.

This is the portal from which to follow U.S. political life.

If you are looking for a single site from which to keep up with California's ever-changing politics, you couldn't ask for more than Rough and Tumble.   Each day, Jack Kavanagh scans state and national newspapers and puts up links to articles that chart the Golden State's political pulse.

Sites on this list are places to find interesting tidbits about dates of the year.

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