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Crossword Mania

Sample Java Puzzle

I created the puzzle below with Internet Crossword Creator.  The individuals that make it up come from Michael Hart's The 100 a ranking of the most influential persons in history (1978, revised 1992).  To learn more about them, and why he considers them, rather than others, the MOST influential, take a look at the book.

Please be patient as the puzzle loads.  Depending on your modem speed, it may take a couple of minutes or more.  When all is ready, what you type into the answer squares will appear.  If you begin typing and do not see anything appear, wait just a bit longer.  Once typed letters show up, you can continue in real time.

When you are finished playing, click the back arrow button on your browser's toolbar to return to the Crossword Mania page.

25 of The 100
from Michael Hart's list of history's most influential people

Here's how to use it:
- Click the mouse or use the Arrow keys to position the Cursor
- Use Control + Space Bar to switch between Across and Down
   (or click on the Acr/Dn button)
- Set Hints On or Off with the Hint button
   (when Hints are on, an incorrect letter will flash for a short
    time after you enter it)
- Use the Delete key or Space Bar to remove a letter
- Click the Solution button to show/hide correct answers
- Clues for the word on which you are working appear just above
   or just below the puzzle grid
- The # in parentheses at the end of each clue is Michael Hart's
   ranking (out of 100) for the person who is the answer to that