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Creative Uses for Textbooks
Crossword Mania

How to Construct a Crossword Puzzle

To create a crossword puzzle, you

  1. select a puzzle topic
  2. select words related to the topic for the puzzle
  3. write a clear, concise clue for each word
  4. layout the words on a blank working grid
  5. number the words and block the grid
  • 1 to ? - in ascending sequential order, each number placed in the upper left corner of the rectangle containing the first letter of each word
  • upper left to lower right
  1. calculate the size grid you need for the final puzzle by eliminating empty rows and columns from the outside in (see sample)
  2. prepare the final grid and transfer the numbers and blocks to it
  3. add the clues to the final puzzle sheet
  4. prepare a second copy with the letters added to serve as a key

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