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Each of the grids below is 20 x 20.  If you need a larger or smaller one, you can download one of the Microsoft Word files and edit it to the size you want.  If you do not have a word processor that will read one of the Word files (and I am not able to provide you a usable one via e-mail), you can use the table command in your word processor to create your own grid.

To print one of the display grids below, follow these instructions.  After clicking its link, you should see the grid you selected without a page header in a standalone browser window.  Once you do, click your browser's Print Button on the Toolbar above (for the .PDF, click the print button on the Acrobat toolbar).   After the page has printed, close the standalone window without exiting your browser.  You should then be back to this page.

Display the grid as

  1. HTML
  2. an Acrobat .PDF
    getacro.gif (1090 bytes)
  3. a GIF (prints in lower resolution than the .PDF file above)

Download the grid (for later printing) to a Microsoft Word file on your computer as a

  1. Word 97 document
  2. Word 95/6 document
  3. Word 5.1 for the MacIntosh

If you click on one of the Word links above, one of two things should happen.  If you have Microsoft Word installed, it might start and try to open the document.   Otherwise, a small window should open.  One of the options presented should be to save the file.  Click on that option.  You should then be prompted to specify where on your hard drive you want to save the file.  Put it in the folder where you save and open Word documents.  Once the file has completed downloading, the small window will close on its own.

If you are unable to open documents in either of these formats, e-mail me.  In your message tell me what word processor you have, and what formats you can open.  If I can convert my sheet to one that you can use, I will do so and e-mail the file back to you.

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