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If you want science news to use in lessons or assignments, you are bound to find just what you want at one or more of the sites below.

Produced by the newsmagazine Science News and Science Service, which runs science competitions for middle school and high school students, this site has just substantially expanded its offerings for kids working on science projects. It is designed as a resource for kids aged 9 to 14 – and their teachers and parents.

MSNBC has also set up a Pencil Village site.  Among its other attractions is a section on science.

Biology news of note, posted weekly by the editors of Access Excellence, Genentech's Biology teachers' site.

This is a page of links to excellent news sources.  It is provided by the National Biological Information Infrastructure.


Here you'll find the latest Science, Health and Technology news posted by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).  The site also contains a fabulous set of links to Science media, Journalism groups, and Peer-reviewed research journals.

In 1985, AAAS founded Project 2061 as "a long-term effort to reform science, mathematics, and technology
education for the 21st century". The Project has evaluated middle school science and math textbooks.  Click here to read its math text reportOn September 28, 1999, the Project announced the results of its middle school science texts evaluation.  Click here to read the press release.

Explorezone provides links to science stories from across the net.   Select news by topic, read reviews of books written for general audiences, and review definitions of scientific terms.

The U.S. National Academy of Sciences has several web pages devoted to science news

If you like National Geographic, you'll like this site.

Each day at midnight GMT, NATURE's science writing team reports their latest research news.

Current science news conveyed concisely and intelligently.

The editors of Arts and Letters Daily have created a site with links to online reviews, essays and feature articles whose topics are scientific issues.   Thoughtful and provocative, these links will interest humanists as well as scientists.  New links are posted each Monday through Friday.

Look no further for up-to-the-minute news about space flight and astronomy issues.

Each week this NPR program brings scientists together for an in depth look at least two topics from the week's headlines.  All programs since September 1994 are available for listening in RealAudio format.  Suggestions for using material from their programs in the classroom are available at the Science Friday Kid's Connection.

The University of Wisconsin provides this site for those interested in exploring the "science behind the news".  Posting a new topic about once a week, the editors present relevant information in a readily accessible style.  Their archives are organized by discipline for easy access to stories you'll want to read and share.

While not a source of science news, this report, prepared for the Freedom Forum in 1997, explores the way news media in the U.S. interact with and report on the scientific community and its endeavors.  The authors, Jim Hartz and Rick Chappell, state in their introduction that they have produced "a document we hope will be helpful to both groups—to the journalists, who might be persuaded to follow the work of this major establishment more carefully, and to the scientists, who want the public to achieve a more profound understanding of their work."

Stop by this site for a look at science news from a Canadian perspective. 

This site requires a free registration for access.

The Nando Times is a good source for popular science and health stories.  Its site is updated regularly throughout the day.

Want to see how a major broadcast network covers science?  Check in with ABC news.

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