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The sites listed below are places to find interesting tidbits about dates of the year.  Here are assignments I've created that require students to use some of them.

Want to know about dates between 1900 and 1997?  Select the dMarie Time Capsule, enter the date you want, and find out.  For each date you'll see news headlines for its quarter, sports headlines and top songs for its year, that year's prices for common items, the sitting President and Vice President, Academy Award winners that year, and celebrities born on that date.

You select the day of the month, and this site lists major literary events that have occurred on that date throughout history.

This page is part of The New York Times' Learning Network. Designed for teachers, students and parents, this network contains news summaries, a daily news quiz and a monthly crossword puzzle for students; and a daily lesson plan and education news for teachers.  All its features are accessible from On This Day.

The Writer's Almanac® is a daily radio program of poetry and history hosted by Garrison Keillor.  This site is essentially a transcript of those broadcasts.  It also provides a list of radio stations and times where the broadcast can be heard.

Much more than a list of events and birthdates, this site spotlights one or two important events in American history each day.  For each, you see a relatively in depth description and links to relevant Library of Congress memorabilia and other web sites.  It is part of the Library's American Memory project; an ambitious effort to make its collection available to all in a National Digital Library.

This site displays a comprehensive list of daily events.  To see a list for any day you choose, select its sister site Any Day in History.  If you'd like to see what transpired during a given month and year in history, select another sister site Any Year in History.  This latter site is ideal for teachers wanting to help students find out what was going on around the time they were born.

If you can't find something you want in one of the sites above, this one is a comprehensive list of sites (including those above) that provide "of the day" information.  If you can't find what you are looking for here, it probably does not exist online.

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