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Books in which to find more word games,
and ideas useful in creating your own word games

  1. The Joy of Lex by Gyles Brandreth

Currently out of print, this fabulous book, and its sequel More Joy of Lex, are definitely worth a trip to your local library or used book store.  I found a used copy of The Joy of Lex listed as available online from Yahoo! Books.  

The full titles for each are:

The Joy of Lex
how to have fun with 860,341,500 words
by Gyles Daubeney Brandreth
paperback published: 10/01/1983
310 pp

More Joy of Lex
an amazing and amusing Z to A and A to Z of words
by Gyles Daubeney Brandreth
ISBN: 0688013384
hardback published: 10/01/1982

  1. The Word Circus

Richard Lederer is the reigning American master of word play.  Read this book and allow him to dazzle you.  His web site is also a joy.

  1. For the latest lists of currently available books of word games, see the online booksellers via the links below.

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