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Lesson Ideas
Warm-up activities

Words in the Spotlight

The world is full of word games.  You see them everywhere: newspapers, magazines, and bookstores come readily to mind.  Learn how to use them to grab your class' attention.

  1. Here are some games that I've used successfully.  Click on their links to explore them as you seek to find out if they'll work for you.
  1. Hangman
  2. Anagrams
  3. Is that a word?
  1. Click here for links to external web sites where you'll find interesting word games.
  2. Bookstores are filled with books of word games, and books loaded with ideas that you can turn into word games.  Click here for a list of some exceptionally worthy titles for which to look.
  3. Other lesson ideas that allow students to work with words
  1. A Briefe and True Report of the New Found Land of Virginia
  2. Ain't This Write?
  3. An Uncritical Inference Test
  4. Crazy English
  5. Crossword Mania
  6. Dear Abby
  7. Logic to the Rescue
  8. Tough Choices

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