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External Web sites on which to find word games,
and ideas from which to build your own word games

  1. All Mixed Up

This site allows you to play a variety of popular word games.  Among others you'll find hangman, othello and slider.

  1. Merriam-Webster's Word Central games for students

The dictionary maker has put together a fabulous site for kids of all ages.  Enjoy yourselves.  Their home page contains access to their student dictionary as well.

  1. Philosophy Games

Britain's The Philosophers' Magazine Online presents thought-provoking games designed to involve the general public in philosophical issues.  While not traditional word games, they'll engage most thoughtful people.  You might want to begin by looking at Staying Alive.

  1. Richard Lederer's links to Word Play and Word Games sites

Richard Lederer is the reigning American master of word play.  If he says its good, its good.


This is an absolutely fabulous collection of "brain games, puzzles and pastimes".  Don't miss it.

  1. Word Play - sites that feature fun with words

The most comprehensive list I know.

  1. Word search and other puzzles

If you want Word Search puzzles to print for your students, here is a good place to begin.

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