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Dictionary Wannabes

The words and phrases below have not yet found their way into our dictionaries. However, according to Anne H. Soukhanov in her book Word Watch: The Stories Behind the Words of Our Lives, some of them just might do so.

  1. Check off the word/phrase with which you are assigned to work.

____ emotional literacy ____ street triage
____ affluenza ____ anticipointment
____ numeronym ____ schmooseoisie
____ divorceware ____ glowboy
____ gastroporn ____ informance
  1. Have you heard or read it before?


  1. Discuss it with your parent(s). Afterwards, write out what you believe might be its definition. Proofread your answer and make any necessary corrections.


  1. Why do you think a word/phrase such as this was not needed until now? Proofread your answer and make all necessary corrections.

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