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Playing Anagrams is a very good way to introduce a new word or concept.  Simply choose a word or phrase that is central to the day's lesson, and convert it into the day's game.  Here's how.

  1. Choose a word or phrase with which to work.
  2. Scramble its letters until they have no meaning.
  3. Check to see what additional words, if any, the scrambled letters form.  If you need electronic aid, you can use one of the following
  1. Do one of the following
  1. Review the rules
  1. Play the game according to the rules.

More Anagrams

Anagrams can be used as the foundation for assignments too.  As an example, here is an assignment I gave to one of my classes.  See if you can modify it for your discipline and students.  Here is another example, it is the reverse of the first.

The Anagram Genius Server is an interesting web site.  Give it a try.

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