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Anagrams Assignment

Anagrams is a game where you use the letters in one word to make other words. Normally, you are required to make words of equal length; however in our version you may make words of 3 or more letters regardless of the length of the starting word. The only restriction is that the words you make cannot be variations of each other. Simply converting plural words to singular, or present tense to past is not acceptable. Thus, pen and pens; and smile and smiled will not be allowed. Once you have found three words, you are to do the following for each of the four words (include the starting word) on a separate sheet of paper, properly headed.

  1. Number the word and write it out correctly spelled.

  2. Select 1 definition for the word from your dictionary. Write it out beneath the word. Be sure to include the word’s part of speech when used with this meaning.

  3. Use the word in one concise, correctly written sentence that illustrates the definition you have chosen.

  4. Proofread your sentence for conciseness, spelling, punctuation, capitalization and completeness.

Select one of the following as your starting word:

discipline     spelling     proofread    organization     responsibility     attention


Starting Word: TRUST
# of words to find: 3

1. Trust

n. 1. Firm reliance on the integrity, ability, or character of a person or thing.

I would trust him with my life.

2. Rust

v. rust·ed, rust·ing, rusts. 1. To become corroded.

The car rusted after ten years.

3. Strut

v. strut·ted, strut·ting, struts. 1. To walk with pompous bearing; swagger.

The politician strutted onto the stage.

4. Rut

n. 2. A fixed, usually boring routine.

I feel like I am in a rut.

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