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#3 - the year you were born

Thus far we have worked with people and events occurring on your birth date throughout history. This week we are going to "zero in" on the year you were born.

Prepare the following on separate sheets of paper. Head each paper using our standard format. Proofread your work for legibility; punctuation; capitalization; spelling; and, where appropriate, concise and complete sentences. Number your answers. Be prepared to report on your research next Friday in class.

Part 1 – due Wednesday

For this part of the assignment you will need to ask one or both of your parents the following questions, and to accurately record their responses. The purpose is not to test them, or even to get "right" answers. It is to find out what, if anything, they remember about specific things in your birth year. If they don’t remember something, write down that they don’t remember. If their answers differ from what you find out later, that’s ok. Again, your job is to accurately record their responses. Also, label and record the name of the person(s) you interviewed, and the date of the interview as part of the assignment heading.

    1. What was the highest rated TV show during the TV season (September 1 through August 31) the year you were born?
    2. What motion picture received the Academy Award for Best Picture in your birth year?
    3. About how much was a gallon of milk at the time you were born?
    4. What words might have come into general use in English during your birth year?

Part 2 – due Thursday

Your assignment for Thursday is to use one of the sources below to research an answer to one of the above questions. Record the question you are assigned in the space below; and check off the resource most likely to contain an answer to it. Prepare a copy of your work to submit on Thursday, and a second copy to bring to class for your report on Friday.

I’m assigned to answer question # __________


______  dMarie Time Capsule (

______  The Official Academy Awards Web Site (

______  Merriam-Webster Collegiate dictionary

______  The Complete Directory to Prime Time Network TV Shows

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